82 Moons

A dual channel saturation with Lundahl input and output transformers. Saturation achieved by using the underrated Korg Nutube. Each channel has balanced inputs and outputs. The input can also be switched to a D.I. input on the front of the unit.

Each channel has a relay ‘true bypass’ switch.

Each channel has four controls.

  1. Drive Input Level
  2. Tilt Eq
  3. Feedback Control
  4. Output Level

A unique feature is the ability to process mid side by a flick of a switch. When the Mid/Side switch is engaged the stereo input is encoded into mid/side internally and allows you to control the Mids on the left channel and control the sides on the right hand controls. The signal is then decoded back to stereo to the outputs.

As well as normal mid/side processing the 82 Moons is a valuable to examine what is actually happening in the sides or mid as either can be turned fully off.